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How We Keep Things Wild and Tasty.

How We Keep Things Wild and Tasty.
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How We Keep Things Wild and Tasty

Morning light filters through the window as you take your first sip of coffee. You pause, breathing in rich notes of mocha while the subtle sweetness of forest honey lingers on your tastebuds. All is quiet – still. 

At Simplify Healthy Living we treasure the way coffee slows us down to connect with our senses and perks up our neurons to get charged for the day ahead. Over the course of decades, our search for the purest, premium cup of coffee led us to meet countless coffee experts throughout the supply chain. 

And in the end, they began to push us for something beyond just organically farmed coffee – something closer to nature – something wild. 

Wild Grown and Harvested in the Birthplace of Arabica Coffee

This search for the finest cup of coffee brought us across the globe to the very birthplace of wild, Arabica Coffee, the Ethiopian Rainforest.

But first, “Well, what does wild grown mean?”

It’s one of our most frequently asked questions and one of our favorites. Wild grown signifies that our coffee is not planted and grown by the human hand.  And unlike organic growers, who simply don’t use synthetic pesticides and chemicals, we take things a step further. 

Wild grown means that our Kaffa coffee co-op partners hand-pick the very best beans directly from within the Ethiopian Rainforest. The result – the purest, toxin-free coffee sourced by people passionate about protecting the rainforest their families have called home for generations. 

Why Wild Tastes So Much Better

Now, let’s get down to the incredible taste of Kaffa coffee. Kaffa, the province of our coffee, is the sole area where Coffee Arabica can still mature in its wild form as it has done for tens of thousands of years. Just like well-kept vines, wild coffee produces a rich, complex taste depending on soil and location. So, throughout eons, the rich biodiversity and ideal natural growth conditions of the rainforest have produced a potent aroma concentrated in each bean. 

Also, due to the unique, well-balanced soil, Kaffa coffee has a very low acidity, which is smooth on the taste buds and easy on the stomach. With its undreamt of biological diversity, it represents a genetic treasure house of value for mankind. In mid-2010, the region Kaffa was declared the first UNESCO biosphere reserve in Ethiopia. 

Our coffee is grown in extremely small yields and our expert coffee partners artfully source each batch to create a symphony of flavors. For example, while our Kaffa Wild Espresso carries unique notes of spice and light sweetness, our Kaffa Wild Medium Roast is filled with notes of chocolate, dried apricots, and forest honey. 

Each note heralding the Rainforest as the world’s greatest coffee artist.

Pure Coffee for Simple, Healthy Living

Most importantly, while coffee is one of our most delightful daily rituals, most coffee brands still fill their products with pesticides and chemicals. Making it one of the leading contributors to many people’s daily toxin intake. 

At Simplify Healthy Living, committing to consuming toxin-free, without compromise, made all the difference in nourishing and supporting our bodies. Which is why we are proud to say that Wild & Tasty means your daily coffee ritual is filled with the rich taste and 100% toxin-free purity of the Ethiopian Rainforest. To learn more about our commitment to transparency and sustainability, head here.