Pure Pleasure - An Aromatic experience

Fine sweetness dripping with forest honey; warm chocolate undertones that soften the slightest hint of acidity; sticky caramel, and juice ripe apricots.   

Every batch is slow-roasted by artisans to draw out and highlight each bean's potential. The nuanced, vibrant flavor of the Wild Kaffa coffee comes from the soil itself, and it can't be copied anywhere else in the world.

United by CeremonyWild&Tasty

For more than a thousand years, the experience of drinking Kaffa coffee has remained unchanged - brew with anticipation, raise the mug to your lips, inhale, sip, and smile. Join a global community of coffee lovers that expect perfection and embrace pure, nuanced flavor.

Organic wild grown Kaffa coffee. Low acidity, toxin-free.

Sip for Sustainability - Only the Good Stuff

"Kaffa coffee is wild, untamed, and vibrant. The art of production and preservation, on the other hand, requires discipline."

Sonja, Founder of Simplify Healthy Living

Wild grown beans from the birthplace of arabica coffee. Kaffa Ethiopia. Sustainable and Fair Trade.

Rich&WildFlavors roasted in small batches

Wild-Grown in the Shade

Our single-origin coffee is wild-grown in the shade of Ethiopia's thick tangled Bonga Rainforest, just like it has for thousands of years. The prized biosphere is still virtually untouched with pristine volcanic soil, wild arabica trees, and chemical-free forests.

Handpicked with Pride

We value the skill of human hands. Each rare cherry is picked by hand when it is perfectly ripe, and then separated to remove the bean inside. This heritage farming technique isn’t easy or fast, but it’s important. We work with the land to create the cleanest cup of coffee.

Sun-Dried and Slow Roasted

Centuries of tradition, years of experience, and long hours of focus – we devote it all for the perfect cup. After drying and fermenting under the Ethiopian sun, the beans are slow-roasted in small batches. Artisans pull the beans, smell samples, count seconds, and adjust temperatures to ensure the perfect balance of sweetness and body every time.

Fair-trade Empowerment

Kaffa coffee comes directly from Ethiopian families, not trading floors. For us, ‘fair trade’ and ‘organic’ stickers are just the starting line. We hold ourselves to a higher standard with long-term partnerships, above-market prices, and 100% chemical-free growing practices.


This coffee is a dream. Full-Bodied and sweet, without being overly acidic. It's only been a few days, and already I'm waking up with noticeably more energy and a calmer stomach.  

Jen Hunh, Beauty Specialist in Santa Monica

  “With Simplify Healthy Living’s wild certified coffee, I’ve never had more energy. Their rich, full-bodied espresso is the perfect way to start the day.”  

John R., Designer

“The quality at Simplify Healthy Living can’t be beat. It gives me peace of mind to know I’ll only be getting the cleanest products – free from questionable ingredients. Also, I couldn’t live without their 100% wild Ethiopian Espresso. Using pure ingredients definitely brings out richer flavors.”

Erin Willis, Model in Los Angeles