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Why Organic Coffee is important

Why Organic Coffee is important
sonja gfeller

When we started Simplify Healthy Living, we didn’t even consider not sourcing organic coffee. We knew then as we do now that, like the air we breathe and the products we put on our skin, what we consume has a profound impact on our health, as well as the health of the environment where it's grown. We purchased organic produce and other food products for our kitchen, opting to source directly from farmers at our local markets.

At its simplest, the choice to eat and consume organic is the choice of whether or not you want harmful agricultural chemicals and toxins to find their way into your system. But to us, it’s also more than that.

We believe that everything goes back to the soil. No matter if it’s potatoes, coffee or wine—we believe when it’s done well, and it’s done right, we are ultimately tasting the soil, or terroir, of the place where the produce was grown.

Over the course of decades, our search for the purest, premium cup of coffee led us to meet countless coffee experts throughout the supply chain.

And in the end, they began to push us for something beyond just organically farmed coffee – something closer to nature – something wild.

Our single-origin organic coffee is wild-grown in the shade of Ethiopia's thick tangled Bonga Rainforest, just like it has for thousands of years. The prized biosphere is still virtually untouched with pristine volcanic soil, wild arabica trees, and chemical-free forests.

Due to the unique, well-balanced soil, Kaffa coffee has a very low acidity, which is smooth on the taste buds and easy on the stomach. With its undreamt of biological diversity, it represents a genetic treasure house of value for mankind.In mid-2010, the region Kaffa was declared the first UNESCO biosphere reserve in Ethiopia.


We believe that creating a system where people, planet, and profit exist in harmony both can and must exist. And we’re proud to say we don't settle for anything less.